Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One year later...

It has been a really long time since I've written, due mostly to laziness and also to the fact that the number of people who had no idea what was going on in my life but were interested was pretty much zero. So now that I am really far away from home, I think I'll pick this back up.

BYU is absolutely WONDERFUL. Everyone is so kind as caring, and random guys you don't know will hold the door for you and ask how your day is going. Strangers look you in the eye and say "good morning" when they walk past you and honestly, it is amazingly refreshing to feel that there is a bond between us simply because we're all human and we are all willing to live by the same standards. I am so glad that I chose to come here.

It took me a while, but I am almost used to the thin atmosphere and am in significantly better shape than I was at home thanks to all the walking. Seriously, if I want to get groceries, a smoothie, do laundry, go to class, pretty much anything, I have to walk. It gets a little tiring, but it makes up for my lack of a perfectly balanced diet.

My room mates and I get along very well and we have a lot of fun being absolutely insane together. We also have a lot of fun with our FHE brothers, or my sons and my room mates brothers. My calling is to be the "mother" of our group and I enjoy it. It worked out very well, actually, because when people ask me what I want to study, I say "I have no idea, I know going to school is important and I love to learn, but I just really want to be a mom." I guess I got my wish :).

The semester has gone really fast, and frankly I don't want it to end in a week. I'm finally making friends and getting acclimated, and now we're all leaving for two weeks and not coming back to the same ward. Its a little depressing. Thankfully I made a few friends that live in Utah so I might be able to hang out with them while I'm at my Grandparents house for two weeks.

That's it for now but I love everyone back home and hope you are all having a great summer!