Cameron and Dana

We are THE cutest couple, and our love story is my favorite! (Who, me? Biased??? NEVER.)
We met, dated, got engaged, and were married all in 7 months and 10 days. I never expected it to go so fast, but we've been happily and blissfully married since November 20th of 2012 and it's the most wonderful thing! Sure, life throws us curveballs sometimes, and they're rarely what we planned, and they make life hard, but what better way to face them than with my best friend and true love?

We love to sing. We love to dance. We love being goofy. We read a lot. We work and play hard. We're working on finishing our Bachelor's degrees, we don't sleep much since we're busy taking care of our darling little son, and we love the Lord and are doing our best to be more like Him.


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