Friday, January 25, 2013


This past week my darling niece Emma passed away. Born on Christmas, she was our little miracle. Although the Lord chose not to let us keep her for long, we are eternally grateful for what little time we had with her and the sweet spirit and opportunities for growth and faith she brought to us.

It's been a really hard time for the family, but our faith has grown immensely and we've drawn so much closer together. It really is difficult to look on the bright side during times like this. One family member commented, "It's really hard to have an eternal perspective at a time like this," but in my mind I automatically answered "But it's even harder not to." I believe that. Without faith in God's plan that we can return to him, that all little children are saved, that through the blessings of the temple families can be together forever, times like these are unbearable.

But I do have that faith, and I thank Heaven for it. Throughout all of this I have prayed for peace, for myself and for my family members. My heart absolutely aches for my dear sister, but I have been given peace. It is truly remarkable. As I have turned to the Lord my faith has been increased. My gratitude for the Temple, my family, and the Gospel have grown immensely.

I'm so grateful that Emma was able to spend a little time with our family, and touch so many lives during her stay here on Earth. I love her, as I love all my family, and am so excited to be able to see her again after this life.

To help the family with medical expenses, a fund has been set up at Helena Community Credit Union for Emma.