Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coolest Calling Ever

In my new ward I have the best calling. It's not one where I get to show off, or teach, or organize (all of which I was hoping for, for mildly selfish reasons). It is a completely personal, yet service oriented job that is going to really help me to stay focussed on what is important and stay close to the spirit and my Father in Heaven. My calling is to attend the temple once a week when there are very few people there, to make it worth the the time of the people volunteering to run the ordinances. If any of my non LDS friends want to know what a Mormon temple is and what goes on inside, click here. It is a sacred place where the spirit abides and the Lord can better instruct us. It is a place of peace and learning and holiness. I love going there because I always receive the peace and focus I need to keep going in whatever I need to do after I leave. If I had time to go every day I would.

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