Monday, August 22, 2011


This morning I had the privilege of going to the dentist, and anyone I've talked to recently can tell you that I was not in any way happy to be there, especially at 9 am on a Monday. I got whisked away rather quickly to a room in the back where I'd never been before where I was immediately seated and had a cotton swab with cherry numbing cream shoved in my mouth. Thankfully it was very effective and I didn't feel anything the rest of the appointment, except for when the hygienist pinched my lip with the tweezers.
Over all, it was a pleasant experience and I'm no longer mortally terrified of the dentist ( I had a pretty bad dentist when I was little). Despite how much I dislike going to get my teeth cleaned or drilled, I am grateful that I have a dentist and the means to pay her. I would much rather have a stressful encounter every 6 months, than a smelly mouth and teeth riddled with cavities.

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