Friday, February 7, 2014

Carseat Cover

I finally finished it! 

I just love the carseat canopies so many of my friends have, but they're a little bit expensive. Not terrible, but more than I want to spend for something I could make for half the price pretty easily. (Call me stingy, or a poor college student. Both work ;) ) I bought the fabric for this a few months ago, but just took a while to get around to it. I use a normal cotton (the kind for quilting) for the top and a nice, warm, soft fleece for the inside to keep Baby warm, and also help block out the light if he's sleeping.

I really like the chevron print, and the neutrality of the grey. I plan on having more than one baby, and hopefully some girls, so I'd like to be able to re-use this! Hopefully chevron stays "in" for a few more years. Teehee.

Instead of sewing little button flaps like I was originally intending, I decided to save the extra fabric for a bow-tie and sew ribbon on instead. Hooray for pretty yellow bows!

On a  totally unrelated note, last night was the first time my contractions were coming close enough together that I felt like I should count them. They were small little Braxton Hicks but they were coming every 10-15 minutes for a few hours. They calmed down around 11 last night and I've only had a couple today. I don't think Baby's coming yet, but it's getting closer!

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