Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Artwork for Baby's Room

Here's another piece I did for Baby's room recently.

I really like the quote. I think it's cute. I think most things Winnie the Pooh said are cute, though. If you haven't read the book, you definitely should. Especially if you've only seen the more recent Pooh movies (from 1990 forward.)

I was really torn between this quote and, "I wasn't going to eat it! I was just going to taste it," but I decided I probably wanted to have that one on a plaque in the kitchen at some point. Teaching my kids great eating habits from the womb, right? Haha.

What are your favorite Winnie the Pooh quotes? I'm trying to think of a cute one to go with a picture of Pooh hanging from a balloon. Although, that one may be cute enough to stand on it's own.


  1. How about, "You never can tell with bees." :-)

  2. Maybe Pooh in the snow with, "Nobody knows (tiddly-pum) how cold my toes (tiddly-pum), how cold my toes (tiddly-pum) are growing!"

    1. Oh, I'd forgotten about that one! That's a fantastic idea! Thank you, Callie :)
      PS I like reading about your adventures in Spain! So exciting.


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