Monday, February 23, 2015

Cake Smash//Picture Overload!

Are you ready for a lot of pictures? Good. Here we go!

Here's the cake before the action:

Sam started out pretty timidly

But after I pinched off a piece of the cake for him to try he started to get a little more enthusiastic.

Pretty soon, he was going at it!

...and then he dumped the cake onto his lap, and later the floor!

Look, Mom, CAKE!

 Thanks for reading. Bye, bye!

If you want to see the healthy (ish) recipe I used for the cake, click here.
Soon, I'll be posting about Sam's first birthday party!
Just in case you were wondering, the backdrop is made from dollar store crepe paper streamers and ribbon from my craft box. I reused it at the birthday party.


  1. What a cutie! All the kids ooooed and aaaaahd. :) Happy Birthday


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