Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Samuel's Favorite Things// First Birthday Update

Samuel is one year old! He is the cutest little thing you have ever seen and I am so grateful to be his mommy! This has been at the same time the hardest and most beautiful and rewarding year of my life. From 1am (and two, and three, and four am) feedings, to his first time laughing, to clapping for himself and playing hide and seek, it has been a growing year for all of us.

Sam now attempts to stand on his own (though it never lasts long) and absolutely loves walking while holding onto our hands. He tries very hard to climb up onto everything, and the things he can't get on top of by himself, he will try to get down from. My least favorite of these high places is the changing table. Though he usually tries to go down "feet first" like he's been taught, it's still too high, and usually at a very inconvenient time that he tries.

He loves eating! He's doing pretty well with trying new fruits but still doesn't like carrots. Go figure. He will eat his produce and oatmeal mixed together in his little squeezy bags, but his favorite food is probably cheddar cheese. He also loves the little muffins I made from the remnants of his smash cake batter. I may have to make another batch for him! He hasn't quite figured out how to used his teeth yet (of which there are now three!) but he does a pretty good job of mashing things with his tongue before he swallows them.

Samuel still loves to play peekaboo. Now, instead of just using a blanket, he will put his hands over his eyes to hide! He's so smart, and I am very proud. He also likes to play a hybrid between peekaboo and hide and seek. He will crawl away as quickly as he can and go into one of the bedroom where he will promptly shut the door and only open it when we wonder aloud, "where's Sam?" He then giggles mischievously and opens the door, but will shut it again if you get any closer. It's darling. He also likes it if we hide from him.

His favorite words to say are "dada" and "uh-huh," from which the rest of his vocabulary is made up, with different inflections. He understands quite a few words, though. He get's really excited when I say "all done!" after a meal and he get's to leave his high chair. He'll clasp his hands in the ASL sign for "amen" at the end of prayers, and he'll snuggle up or give great big slobbery kisses if I ask for hugs or kisses. He can also wave hello and goodbye, "tickle" (face plant) our tummies, and laughs at silly noises.

His favorite song right now is "the wise man and the foolish man" from our church. It's a kids song about a parable from the New Testament with great hand motions. This is how we keep him occupied during diaper changes and car seat buckling. His favorite book is still Moo, Baa, Lalala by Sandra Boynton, though he now appreciates almost any book. He loves turning the pages himself, and will sometimes sit by himself and babble as he "reads" books to himself. It is so darling!He likes to dance to music (and be applauded for it) and sometimes will try to sing along. I love that.

He is really good at going down for bed now. He has started wanting to go to sleep with a stuffed animal, which he will snuggle up with after we lay him down. He doesn't cry at bed time anymore and sleeps through the night most of the time. It's glorious! He has also gotten himself on a regular nap and sleep schedule. It's fantastic. He's always tired at the same time now, which makes planning my day so much easier!

My favorite thing is having him see me and have his face break into a grin and reach for me. This is even better when he rests his head on my shoulder and just snuggles for a brief moment. He often does this for his daddy, too, and it absolutely melts my heart.

I am so grateful for Samuel. He has taught me so much, and I am so glad that he came to our family. I love him, and I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for giving him to me!

These pictures were taken one year apart. Can you believe how much he's grown? 

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