Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Little "Whovian" Baking

Thursday was my little sister's birthday, and her first birthday away from home. I wanted to do something to make her feel special, so we invited her over for dinner, but I wanted to get her a gift as well. She is a huge Doctor Who fan, so I started looking down that path for ideas. I made her a bookmark that looks like the most recent Doctor, a super cheesy card, and instead of cupcakes, I made her "fish sticks" and custard!

Yes, it sounds disgusting. It's a DW thing. There was one episode where the Doctor eats fish sticks with custard. I'm not sure how they came up with that combination, but they did and now I've re-created it in much yummier fashion!

I made normal vanilla pudding from a box. Cheating, I know. Then I was trying to think of things that might look kind of breaded like fish sticks that would actually taste good with pudding, so I went with snickerdoodle cookies! I rolled the dough into short little logs instead of balls and then rolled those in the cinnamon-sugar. I forgot, as I have almost every time since moving to Utah, that you have to add extra flour here, so they ended up spreading out more than I anticipated, but I just cut them in half and they turned out to be the right dimensions, besides being a bit flat.

They were very tasty, and my sister reacted very well! I'm glad she like my little home-made treat. I have to say, I was a little too proud of myself for coming up with this idea since I haven't watched much Doctor Who, but I had fun making it, and seeing my sister happy on her birthday was all I really wanted.

Thanks to my husband for helping me get this picture onto my computer! Apparently android and macs don't like to work together. :P

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