Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY: 15 Minute Tablet Case

This year for Christmas, Santa got us an iPad mini and we bought ourselves a bluetooth keyboard to go with it. We also wanted to get a case to keep either of them from getting scratched, but they were all pretty expensive for a little envelope of fabric, and none of them fit the iPad once the keyboard was attached. So, I had the thought to just make one! My husband will be using our tablet to take notes in school this semester, so I wanted to make sure it was manly enough that he wouldn't mind carrying it around, but I also wanted to add a little cuteness to it so I chose a largish yellow button to offset the solid gray fleece. This project took me about fifteen minutes, and I'm a pretty slow sew-er.

Here's what you need:

  • 1 Button
  • Sewing Machine (or Sewing Needle. Or Both!)
  • 1/4 yard of Fleece (you can use any another fabric you want, but fleece is pretty durable, very forgiving in the sewing process, and provides a little bit of cushion for your tablet. You may need more or less fabric for your case depending on the size of your tablet.)
  • Thread

What to do:

1.  Cut a strip of fabric an inch or two wider than your tablet, and twice as long, plus a few extra inches for the flap (remember, you need it to reach at least half of the depth of your tablet, plus seam allowance on both sides.)

*If you are using a fabric that will fray, fold over and hem both of the short ends so that they have a nice, finished edge.*

2.  Fold fabric, right sides together, so that the tablet has a centimeter or so of space at the fold and the top.

3.  Pin fabric in place and sew the sides together.

4.  Turn the case right-side out. Trim the top flap to the shape you want. I decided to go for asymmetrical.

5.  Decide where you would like your button to go and stitch it to the envelope. I like to do this step by hand. Now cut a button hole in the top flap. (If you are using fray-able fabric, use a sewing machine to stitch around the button hole to reinforce it.)

Hooray, you did it! Your very own custom tablet case is complete.

Happy Crafting!

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