Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby Update: Lightening

Yup, I think it's here! Baby has dropped down several inches. I didn't really notice until I had a really big yawn yesterday, and I had room for it! I'm sure that sounds weird, but I'm so short that it's been a couple of months since I've been able to yawn properly because my lungs just didn't have the space to expand. But now I can! I also looked at my silhouette in the mirror and, oh boy, he's lower!

With him so low in my pelvis, my hips are starting to hurt again. Especially in the mornings. Yes, I've been sleeping with a pillow between my knees, but it doesn't seem to be helping as much these days. We'll figure something out, and if not, it's only a few more weeks 'till he's here!

He also really likes hanging out at the front of my tummy recently. I used to have to kind of push on my stomach to feel anything. Now he always seems to be pushing up against the front and I can have fun trying to decide which way he's facing.

Honestly, I'm getting a little bit worried (and excited!) That he's going to come early. The doctors have decided that since he was a week ahead in growth on both of my ultrasounds that they would change my due date, but I'm still going by March 2nd so I don't go crazy if he's a little late. The one upside of this is that if I am going crazy and he's not coming on his own I could probably convince them to induce me in early March since it would be after their due date ;) I don't plan on doing that, but it's a nice thought to help me calm down when I get anxious and uncomfortable.

We've got baby's room almost all ready! We put up curtains to help keep out the cold (or heat, during the summer), washed a bunch of his clothes and blankets and put them in the dresser, as well as a bunch of diapers and wipes, set up the crib, and goodness we are so excited!

Just over 4 weeks now! So excited to meet my little boy :)

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