Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Wedding: The Rings

Cameron picked my ring all by himself. I was so proud of him, and I am in love with his choice. It's so me. I love the leaves and the beading and the setting and everything about it. And, of course, I love what it represents: that he loves me.

Picking his ring was a bit tricky for me. How do you interpret a guy, who doesn't wear jewelry EVER, in a ring? At first I tried to find a simple silver wedding band that had a leaf motif so we could match, but that wasn't really his thing. I looked a lot at simple shiny bands, but I hinted that's what I was thinking and he didn't really like it. Finally I kind of gave up and took him to the jewelers and told him to show me the ones he liked. He found one that had all of the stylistic aspects he wanted, but it was a bit thicker than he envisioned. I looked through the cases and saw one just like it, but thinner. Bingo! I asked the associate that was helping us to write that one down when Cam wasn't looking and came back a few days later to order it. He loved it. Phew!

We got both of our rings at Sierra-West Jewelers and loved it. The service is great, our rings came with a bunch of fantastic deals and complimentary service, and we're both very happy with the finished product. They never pushed us to look outside our price range, which we appreciated very much, and were very helpful and patient. I ended up getting mine re-sized (I was constantly worried about it falling off because it was a little bit loose) and the process was quick, easy, and my ring came back looking like new!

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